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Why should I enroll my child for an activity when I have someone at home to take care of them

I being a parent always ask myself the same question hundred times as I can easily afford a maid to take care of my kids at home why should I send them to any activity centre but I myself saw the difference after enrolling them into different activities. They become more confident about themselves. They express themselves better. ABOVE ALL THEY ARE HAPPY KIDS

Extracurricular activities for children enable them to explore their interests in stress-free environments. Extracurricular activities can allow children to make new friends, become physically active and learn new skills. According to a Nellie Mae Education Foundation study, children who engage in extracurricular activities do better academically and are less likely to have behavioral problems or depression than children who do not participate in extracurricular activities.

CHILD Depression, obesity, diabetes, hyper activity and substance abuse is becoming quite common nowadays in our little paradise and one of the major reasons being not enough physical movement after they come back from school or sitting down in one posture for long time.

Together let us take a responsibility to be able to raise a responsible citizen.

— Medha Gujadhur