Our Program

20140611_103254[1]We have a structured program which we follow closely with regular assessment tests to follow each child’s progress towards a French or English Primary School education.

Our schemes cover:

  •    Language and Literacy
  •    Pre- Mathematics
  •    Personal and Social Development
  •    Knowledge and Understanding of the World
  •    Creative Development
  •    Computer Skills
  •     Art
  •    Music
  •    Movement
  •    Drama
  •    And a variety of other fun activities

We celebrate local, social, cultural activities such as Easter, Christmas, Diwali, Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year Festival and Eid to encourage children’s awareness and tolerance of peers


To cater for the varying ages, children are divided into the four age groups, as follows, each with an experienced member of staff in charge who can offer help and advice to parents if required.

Baby Room (0 – 2 years)

It is a difficult decision for parent to make, to return to work and leave a very young child in the care of someone else, our staff understand these problems and work closely with parents to provide their desires and needs for their child. A room specially provided for baby’s play and a dedicated sleep room, plus a loving and caring environment ensures that the home routine your baby is used to, continues.

Parents are asked to provide nappies and creams for their baby and to advise us of any special diets or needs their baby requires

The Toddlers Room  (2 – 3 years)

 In this room, your child experiences their first exciting steps into such activities as hand painting, colouring, gluing, modelling and are taught to recognise shapes and colours.   All toddlers are taught to play together and share. Feeding them selves and drinking from a cup is quickly learned and nappies soon become a thing of the past.

Our Early Learners  (3 – 4 years)

Our early learners build on their artistic and creative abilities and very quickly learn to enjoy music and dance.Role-play is very important at this age, and children are encouraged by free play to further their independence and develop their social and imaginative skills.

An introduction to the main areas of the Curriculum for Excellence (Outlined in more detail below) provides this age group with a good foundation from which to begin their pre-school year.

Pre-school Class (4 – 5 years)mili

Our pre-school children receive a wide and varied curriculum, based on the main areas of the Curriculum for Excellence, endorsed by  Ministry Of Education, Mauritius.

Children are encouraged through play to develop their self-confidence and independence and in a stimulating environment. They are given the opportunity to listen, think and build on their language and communication skills. Their creative and artistic abilities continue to be developed and they soon learn in a fun way all about every day things of life.

Before starting primary school most children will be able to write their own name and recognise numbers, some will be able to write letters of the alphabet and do simple maths, providing that important foundation from which to   start their early years at school. Learning is at all times presented as a source of fun, thereby stimulating their young minds, and never at any time is pressure exerted.

Our Pre-school is divided as follows:IMG-20140213-WA0004

Term 1-January-March- water activities and Gardening

April- Holiday Club

Term-2- May- July- School Play (Whole School)

August- Holiday Club

Term -3- Sept- December- Dancing / outings

We remain open all year round except for first few weeks in December and January.


Our Day- Babies and ToddlersIMG-20140213-WA0007

7:30am- Our Centre Opens

7:30-8:30am- Arrival time

8:30-9am-  Babies and Toddlers meet in the reception room to sing and recite poems in French and English for half an hour

9-9:20am- Circle time

9:20-9:40am- snack time

9:45-10am- Toilet/ Potty Training

10:00-11:00 am- Our toddlers get split into various  groups to do various activities

11:00-12:00- Play time and lunch time

12:00-2:00- Nap time

2:00-2:15- After noon Snack20140423_130214[1]

2:15-2:30-Toilet/Potty and change

2:30-4:00 pm- Indoor activities

4:00-5:00 pm -Outdoor activities

5:5:30- Table toys/ Story telling

6:00- Centre closed

School Doctor

The doctor will visit our centre once a trimester to do a general check up at the expense of Kiddikids. He is permanently on call for emergencies. Any extras will be at Parent’s expense to be paid through school.


Kiddikids is insured against any accidents which may occur during school hours.

Support :Psychologist and speech therapist

we also work closely with child psychologist and also with speech Therapist. When we need their advice or expertise we usually inform parents and they may come in to observe, initially, at our centre.


Should a cyclone occur, please listen to the cyclone bulletins on the radio, television or internet and follow these procedures.

The following is as per law:

Class 1 Warning: School as usual

Class 2 Warning: Before school hours: No school

During school hours: Parents are requested to collect their child within two hours after the official warning 2 bulletin

Class 3 and 4  Warning: No School